Major Attitude of Mind


There are two major attitudes of the mind.they are

  •  The Negative attitude of the mind
  • The positive attitude of the mind

The Negative Attitude

The negative attitude of the mind is the various ways we respond to events and our emotions in such a way that causes unrest, turbulence, and damage to our peace of mind. It includes the way we react to our losses, the way we react to people’s provocation, our passions, our desire for power, wealth and fame; the way we feel and react whenever we are insulted. When our attitude towards those things causes worry to the mind, then it is simply a negative attitude of the mind. The following questions will help you evaluate whether there is a problem with your state of mind.

  •  Are you unhappy when someone performs well or is praised?
  •  How do you react when you are won in a competition/election.

It is natural to feel bad because you didn’t win a competition but the problem lies in how you are able to manage your feelings. Some good people would congratulate and shake their opponent bit the reverse is the case if the attitude of the mind is negative.

  •  Do you feel bad because you are not praised or appreciated for your good act?
  •  Do you easily get angry with people and perhaps allow the anger to linger for a long time?
  •  Do you feel so bad because your opinion was not accepted in a meeting?
  •  Do you feel bad at some other person’s talent and achievement?
  •  Do you feel bad when people correct you or tell you the truth?
  •  Do you allow your loss to weigh you down?
  •  Do you feel bad when you are not recognized as a good person or a person of integrity?

When some of the aforementioned things and similar things start happing to you, just know that something which you know or may not know has distorted your inner peace. If you allow it, it will get worse and you will become more aggressive and dubious and it may destroy you. If you are able to tell yourself the truth, you will discover that above or the ones related to them, your mind is not at rest, your mind is disturbed, in fact, you are totally uncomfortable and these affect your relationship with yourself and with people. An instance of how it affects yourself is that. When you become angry about the talents, performance, and achievement of others; you tend to hate  Own personality. The danger is that you fail to see the good things in yourself that can be developed.

Such feelings affect your relationship with others because it will make you see people as your enemies and even as stumbling blocks to your own success. It will also make you bear grudges for those who for instance fail to recognize you. You go about every day of your life making enemies. What a miserable life for you, Don’t allow that and free yourself if you are ready in such misery.

Please be contented with your appearance, your health, your structure, the intellectual quotient, your wealth and everything about you because there lies your happiness and peace of mind. It was Thomas Fuller who said ” what makes us discontented with our personal condition is the absurd belief that others are so much happier than we are”.

The Positive Attitude of the Mind

This is the ability of the mind to respond to events of life, in such a way that is free from worry. It is obvious that we are more productive when we are relaxed and free from anxiety.

What are the Ways to Develop a Positive Mind

  • Learn to control your attitude in such a way that will cause you no worries: Don’t just get angry or upset when something happens. Try to be in charge and see things the way that will cause you no worries. Don’t start being angry or upset at any little thing. Your car just stopped you on the road, do you start being angry? If you do, you have caused your mental stress, yet you must still repair the car. But if you see it as one of those challenges that we encounter in our daily life, you just smile and look for a nearby mechanic and repair the car, by so doing, you have solved the problem but joyfully.
  • Be positive about events: You determine how your day looks like by your mental disposition. For instance, waking up in the morning with the exclamation, Oh! My God, I am very tired” indicates that you wish to be tired all through the day. I notice that whenever I wake in the morning and decides to sleep a little, the day becomes very tiresome and boring for me.” But whenever I wake up and rush to morning duty, I notice that I become more agile and productive that day’
  • See more of positive in other people:  Being positive about the events of life will definitely help you cast out the worries that may arise from your fear of failing that day. It will also help you to relate well with people. It will make you see more, the good side of people or things.
  • Enjoy Small Things: What disturbs our mind and gives us worry most time is the uncertainty of how the future will look like. It could happen in the future or envisaging a particular event which is still far off the present. For instance, a student who in the first year worries and is anxious whether he /she will pass the final exams of the final year.
  • Use every Bit of your Time: By utilizing the moment and the present, you will have no time to worry about anything; rather you will always be on the move, tackling your problem bit by bit, It is only you who determines how your day will look like. Do your normal duties, chat with friends, perform your hobbies, When you do all these at the proper time daily, you won’t even know when the day is gone and you also realize that you are able to achieve much, without your knowing.


Your positive attitude to people not only affects the present but can also influence the future. It does not help you to develop a peaceful mind it also helps those around you to bring out the best in them. Free yourself from unnecessary anger.



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