Parental Guard :Simple Tips on How to Live Peacefully and Happily


These are the simple tips on how to live a peaceful and happy life

Make your Home a Peaceful Place

”Mum you mustn’t scold all of us every day you come into the house”. This was exactly the exclamation of a young guy who was tired of her mother’s daily nagging. Most parents are like that. They can’t come back to the house without seeing something they must scold about. Some have not seen their children for a whole day only to come back at night and begin to nag. What type of scenario do you create in your family? Are your children afraid of you? If you make your kids afraid of you, they can’t rely on you, they can’t open up to you.

They may have the tendency of not seeing you as a father or mother, but this man or this woman that barks like a dog. They will rely on their friends who may lead them astray. Why can’t we try the best and most effective methods of correcting lovingly and cheerfully in our families? You can correct your children but there is time for everything and there is the best way to do that. You deserve a lovelier home, your children always long to see you, when you return they are expecting a warm embrace from you.

Unfortunately, the first thing some parents do is to scold about a broom that has been wrongly kept or one minor thing that can be neglected for the moment, that person will continue to talk about it till she goes to bed. Moreover, too much shouting and nagging takes away something from you and disturbs your mind. Most, unfortunately, it breeds distrust in our homes. Think of the peace of mind you get when you enter your house, receive your children warmly, crack jokes with them, and ask them about their day.

Avoid Little Conflicts

When we were still children, our parents would always tell us ”if anyone looks for your trouble, tell the person, God bless you”. I don’t know if such things still exist today because the first thing children of nowadays learn are how to curse.

It is not hard to get involved in a quarrel and it is not also hard to escape getting involved in a quarrel. All you need to do is always be in control of yourself and learn simple courtesy. You get involved in a quarrel when you are not completely in control of yourself, by this I mean your emotions. And one single quarrel is enough to spoil your day.

Avoiding Conflicts With Simple Courtesy

Is it possible to use daily, such words like, ”thank you, God bless you, I am sorry, excuse me, please” instead of words like, are you stupid? Can’t you see? Are you deaf?

When two gentlemen collide mistakenly on the staircase, what you will be hearing is, I am sorry, I am sorry. But if it is two mannerless people, the language changes to ”can’t you see?” Take it easy?” Where is your brain?” And so many other confrontational statements by each of them which most times end with a quarrel.

It is always good and enjoyable to be courteous no matter your position. It is always good seeing someone in a very high position being very courteous with his/her subordinates. Think of the joy housekeeper or your secretary gets after doing a nice job and you call him/her by name and say ”thank you very much, you are good” Such words and kind expressions ginger the person to do even the more and happily too.

It is not aa taboo for a manager to tell his driver,” I am sorry John, I kept you waiting”. If you enter a firm where the head treats the workers courteously and lovely, you will notice a kind of extraordinary love and commitment because each worker loves the head and would not like to provoke him/her. Things done out of love are more effective than things done out of compulsion.

Your Own Burden is Enough for you ( Juge less)

Every human being has a weak point. If you allow your own weakness to grow wild, it will ruin you. The best way to conquer our weakness is to work strenuously and continuously on ourselves. But it is quite unfortunate that some people concentrate on pointing out the fault of others without doing anything about their own faults. The more you are interested in the weakness and shortcoming of others, the less you see your own weakness and you can never grow or be peaceful.

Focusing on making yourself better will make you humble and accept others the way they are. it will help you have sympathy for those who are not doing fine rather than mocking them. It is not that you should not correct others when they are wrong but you should do that with love and prudence.



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