How to Handle Frustration


Frustration is an unpleasant experience we feel when things are not working the way we want them. Frustration happens when one wants to achieve something but it hooks up somewhere.

A short story of David who works with a bank but he is not happy with the job because it pays little and perhaps takes his whole day and week. One day, he attended the alumni meeting of his classmates. He realized that most of his classmates have become very rich and some are far better than him. But, he didn’t notice also those who are still begging for food, those are better than.

David instead of planning how to serve money from his job to start up something better, he submitted himself to worries, frustration, self-pity, and depression. As a result, his health was badly affected that he started making excuses to visit the hospital.

Things that may Cause Frustration

  • Poor performance in business despite all efforts
  • A poor result in the examination after serious study
  • A car continues to give you trouble after you have spent a lot of money repairing it.
  • Your child doesn’t perform well despite the fact you make him/her study well and even provide him with a private teacher.
  • You have tried to please your husband but he seems to be interested in another woman.
  • You have tried everything possible to love people that come your way, but what you receive in return is hatred.

There are many other frustrating things we meet daily in life but we should not allow them to deprive us of our peace of mind.

How to Manage Frustration

A Gentle Smile

When my Prof in school was narrating to his audience how his journey went, he said he learned it from his father that he should face any unpleasant disappointment in his life with a gentle smile. The smile will give him the courage to tackle the problem.

He said that when he was stuck in the traffic, he smiled and said to himself ”be calm and patient” with that, he moved slowly with other vehicles while enjoying a radio program. With that, he was able to maintain his peace of mind despite the frustrating traffic.

He also did the same thing when the car broke down; he smiled and just called the group that invited him for the presentation to shift the time of his presentation.

He was to be the first speaker but he was shifted to be the last presenter. With that, he was able to tackle the whole problem bit by bit peacefully and still presented his paper. This is because; he was in charge of his mind. A gentle smile can heal.

Smile at your Problem

It may sound so funny to you at your trials but then it is better than being upset by them. Imagine what would have happened if Professor didn’t apply this technique.

The frustrating things would have spoilt his day and probably would have affected his presentation.  We experience so many obstacles in life. If we tackle them carefully we would solve all of them with a calm mind.

Always remember that at the end of every tunnel is light. Don’t be depressed or weighed down by the obstacles in life because if you handle them well, they will serve as stepping stones for you to achieve your goal.

You may wake up one day and discover that the virus has attacked and destroyed important files on your computer. Remember the first step, take a little smile and start looking for a solution instead of being frustrated and upset.

Search for Solution

You are set to leave your office and your only car refuses to move. It is frustrating enough to make you upset. The best thing for you at that moment is not to be upset but to find another means. You can just look for an alternative then call your mechanic. Before you know it, you are in your office and maybe before evening, your car must have been repaired. All these you have done while still maintaining your inner peace


Life is very simple for those who understand it. Don’t allow the little, little ups and downs of life to deprive you of your inner peace, rather, be in control of your life. If by chance you are not able to finish solving the problems of the day, go to bed peacefully and continue the next day. Do not worry over them at night because worrying over them may deprive you of your sleep and if you were unable to sleep well, you can guess what the next day will look like.


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