Health Safety and Environmental  Awareness of Coronavirus 

Presently the environment we live in is not a safe place anymore, many questions needed to be answered. we all are aware of this recent pandemic that has befallen the world. How can we help stop the spread of this virus? Anyway, things needed to be done in other not a be a victim to this deadly virus ”CORONAVIUS”

Below are some reasons why you should practice self-isolation

They’re things that are unavoidable practicing self distance in order not only helps to curb the spread of coronavirus but however, to ensures that you are not unnecessarily exposed to it.

Please try as possible best to avoid social gatherings.

The best and safest way you can protect yourself is to stay away from social gatherings or public places. It is however advised that you avoid gatherings or congested places as your risk of contracting the virus from such settings increases.

Often Wash your hands every opportunity you get

The purpose of washing your hands with detergent and water during this pandemic cannot be overstressed. Ensure to wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you get the chance to. Remember to thoroughly wash your hands for about 20 seconds and don’t skip your fingernails too.

Make Use of hand sanitizer

It sounds funny, carrying a hand sanitizer for your personal use is advisable. If you are stepping out of your home, chances are you may not have access to soap and water, in this situation, hand sanitizers come in handy. Also, remember to sanitize your hands every time you touch anything.

Try possible best to stay six feet apart from others

Try to keep at least six feet of space between yourself and others because the coronavirus spreads mostly through mucus and saliva which can spread to people up to six feet apart.

 Wear a face mask and hand grove

Face masks are more efficient in stopping the spread of the virus when they’re being worn by those infected.

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