Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice Recipe
Carrot Juice Recipe

Carrot juice has been known to be highly nutritious, it’s nutritional components can never be compared to other root vegetables.

Carrot is highly concentrated with lots of beneficial minerals, Which are a source of Vitamines, fiber, potassium, and a great source of antioxidants.


Benefits of Carrot Juice

Improves Sight:

Carrot contains beta-carotene; a very good nutrient which when converted gives your immune system a good source of vitamin A.The nutritional value and content make it supper for eye health, a glass of carrot gives 73% of your daily requirements of vitamins which seems to be good for the eye.

Skin Tone Improvement:

Taking carrot juice is one of the greatest things that can improve your skin type. consuming carrot or carrot juice is one healthy means of glowing skin because the increase in carotenoid intake is perceived as more attractive than suntan.

However, the antioxidants in the carrot help fight free radicals that may cause damage. More so, excessive intake of it may cause carotenemia, which ends up turning the skin to orange.

3. Boosting Your Immune System

Carrot, like many other vegetables and roots, contains many vitamins, fibers, minerals, and other phytochemicals. It is believed to be beneficial for cancer prevention including gastric cancers, breast cancer, and cervical cancer.

The rich vitamin C content in carrots also helps your body build antibodies that defend your immune system and prevent infections. After all, a strong immune system is your best bet in beating any ailment and disease, including cancer.

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