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Building Healthy Self-Esteem


Healthy Self-esteem oftentimes refers to self -value, self-respect. Self-esteem is used to describe a person’s sense of self-worth, how you appreciate and like your personality. Self-esteem is a big challenge in our society today. Self-esteem is a big trigger to success. Your low self-esteem can cause lots of damage in life both social life and career part.

People often believe that I can’t be able to achieve this or this is difficult to achieve, believe me, is a sign of failure, fear, and defeat on yourself worth believing you can’t achieve or is hard to achieve. These end up affecting your social life, career part or your goals.

I was once a victim of low self-esteem, looking down on my self, believing that my friends are far better than me in academic with that, I hard the fear that I can not to achieve or do well in my academic, hoping on my friends to teach or direct me on what to do at any particular point.

That caused a lot of sets back in my studies especially in calculation courses because I was depending on friends to help me out. I end up having low grades every semester but at a time I set my mind down, I recalled, I asked myself a question ” when will I stop depending on people”? ” when will I have the ability to do things on my own without the help of people”? When will I build my self-esteem”? After all sets and down, I figure myself out, I began to do those calculation courses without the help of no friends. The only thing I did to myself was to be in the lecture hall, listing to the lecturer when lecturing and the daily practice of the courses.

Ever since I worked on my self-esteem believing I can do better than my friends, overcome the fear of believing in people. I ended up with a good grade in all the courses, my friends never saw my back again in academic. This is the power of building high self-esteem, power of self-respect and self-worth

Symptoms of Healthy Self-Esteem

The best ways to know if you are on the right track on healthy self-esteem are listed below

  • When you always so no to negative thoughts.
  • When you are always optimistic about the future.
  • Having good confidence in yourself.
  • Having the ability to expresses your needs when it arises.
  • When you always not allowed the bad experience to overcome your good thought.

Symptoms of Low Self-Esteem

It is very necessary you work on yourself whenever you notice these signs below

  • When you lack confidence in yourself.
  • When you have a negative outlook.
  • When you always focus on your weakness believing you can’t achieve your goals.
  • When you always exhibit fear in everything.
  • The feeling of emotional breakdown
  • When you accept the defeat that your friends are better off than you.
  • The ability not to express your needs at any point in time.

The Benefit of Self Esteem to your Health

Having good self-esteem helps in our everyday routine, It’s a great means of motivation to succeed in anything you do because it helps to conquer fear and the ability to achieve a goal or purpose in life.

Healthy self-esteem can help in directing your potential, personality, self-respect, and self-worth. However, Low Self -esteem may hinder you from not achieving those mentioned goals because it may contribute to set back in the area of your field.













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