Building Healthy Self-Esteem

Healthy Self-esteem oftentimes refers to self -value, self-respect. Self-esteem is used to describe a person’s sense of self-worth, how you appreciate and like your personality. Self-esteem is a big challenge in our society today. Self-esteem is a big trigger to success. Your low self-esteem can cause lots of damage in life both social life and … Read more

Know Your Partner’s Temperament

Partner's Temperament

Temperament has to do with how people react to circumstances in life. It is quite unfortunate that a lot of people do not know their temperament as an individual. This is bought about by the psychological prevalence of an organic system such as nervous system, circulatory or muscular systems. Many people mistaken temperament for character … Read more

Abuse and it’s Effect to Health

Abuse is the bad or cruel treatment of someone or something, intentional harm of a person, to use one’s position wrongly.  Abuse is harmful, most times it can be intentional and or unintentional. In our community, abuse has become the other of the day, People don’t have regard for others. Nevertheless, People should stand out … Read more

Relationship: A game of Risk

Relationship image

A relationship is a game of risk, it’s like gambling; you either win or you lose. In any case, never be afraid to enter into another relationship because of the past negative experience. If you are afraid of entering into a serious relationship because of your experience you may remain single for life.

Life is a game of risk, learn to take a risk. Though you must take a reasonable risk with a high percentage of success. When you allow fears to direct your life, it will not only destroy your relationship but will also turn you into a failure.

Things To Consider When It Doesn’t Seem Right In a Relationship

1. Always Put Your Fear Outside 

Since a relationship is a game of risk just like any other thing in life, and even life itself, you must contribute to the habit of total optimism; be positivistic. When it comes to relationships, you must discard any form of fear due to experience, enter into it with full boldness and maturity, because you are bound to make series of blunders when you are fearful. When you are fearful, you become an anti-social person, living a worrisome and unapproachable life.

2. Show Your True Self And Not Pretend To Be The Perfect Person You Are  Not Because No One Is A Perfect Being.

Every one of us wants a happy ending in a relationship, so any relationship you find yourself, Show your true self, don’t pretend over thing because it might cause great harm than good but you shouldn’t be afraid to have fun and act silly in the early stages. “Take a big risk and never look back to do something achievable for your partner,”  “Surprises can seem corny, a quote from a great author Ricciardi  never fail to do it because it is all about sacrificing what you have to the one you love.!”  Sounds funny though, one of the easiest ways to keep your relationship satisfying long-term is to allows creat the atmosphere conducive for your partner. However, don’t be afraid to let your imperfection shine.

3. Never Be Afraid To Share Your Opinions Even When it Might Lead To An Argument.

Been silent over something is not the best way to go in a relationship. Getting in an argument doesn’t mean you guys will automatically break but rather it strengthens your thoughts and sense of hum

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How to Optimize Pinterest Post for Traffic?

How to Optimize Pinterest Post for Traffic?

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How To Generate Traffic Using SEO in 2019

How To Generate Traffic Using Pinterest and Google

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